Short on cash flow but have knockout looks and a body to match? Sick of financially supporting deadbeat loser boyfriends? Need a change from the mundane and want to try something more adventurous? Being a sugar baby just might be for you.

You’ve probably already scoured the web to find a total lack of helpful information and maybe even bought a few overpriced books that have the same outdated generic advice over and over (like putting an ad in the newspaper, what is this 1993?).¬†Well the good news is whether you’re already in an arrangement with a generous male or your looking to find your perfect sugar daddy you have come to the right place.

From the basics like planning your first date outfit, to the nitty gritty like how to end an arrangement with a wealthy benefactor once it’s run it’s course, a little financial advice sprinkled in, and even a forum to connect with fellow sugar babies, Sweet Sugar is your ultimate one stop web resource for everything sugar dating related.

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